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Nudge provides an easy and handy networking workspace for students & alumni and allows schools collect data
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We're the engagement engine for your alumni community
To build up a living alumni network, it's not about "managing" the community, it's about "engaging" them!
Launch a business Nudge helps students and alumni reach their professional goals by leveraging the power of networking.
Institutions with high engagement
have understood 4 key insights about alumni
Students onboard
  • The most engaged communities have included students in their alumni network
  • Students create strong bonds across generations when they're at shool and stay in touch after graduation
My time first
  • New generation alumni use single-feature apps, accessible from their pocket, that allow them to do what they want in 2 clicks
  • They won't visit a website with multiple tabs nor an app that has a menu bar
Targeted communication
  • Alumni only read content that matches their immediate priorities and interests
  • If 2 emails received out of 3 are about topics that are not directly applicable to them, they won't read the 3rd relevant one
Follow the guide!
  • It is not enough to send one email to announce the arrival of a new tool, a proper launch campaign is vital to generate a wide adoption
  • Nudge comes up with your launch campaign strategy and provides all communication materials to execute it over the first months
Alumnus and students helping one another Create an engaged alumni website to help alumni find their professional calling on Nudge alumni platform.
Which is why we
built Nudge
90% of alumni
surveyed said that, if their institution helped them find an internship or a job, move abroad or launch their own business, they wouldn't hesitate to lend a hand if they were asked to sit on an admission jury or donate
KEY features
Feature #5
Targeted advertising
Nudge increases your revenues by recommending your programmes and training offers to alumni who fit the profile of your target customers
Your alumni feel supported at turning points of their careers instead of feeling spammed by irrelevant content
Feature #4
Re-engaging inactive alumni
Our application allows users to share the Nudge download link with alumni friends they've stayed in touch with
You don't have to manually contact all your graduates. Alumni do it for you
Feature #3
Keeping alumni data up-to-date
Nudge's smart notifications system keeps your alumni contact details always up-to-date to ensure that you can reach out to them
Nudge can also be connected with existing alumni databases and send them updated info
Feature #2
Building relevant communities
Nudge keeps alumni engaged over the long run through interest-based communities
As part of these communities, you can send targeted content to alumni who will find it relevant and invite them to relevant events
Feature #1
Peer-to-peer matching & mentoring
Nudge matches alumni based on their qualifications to help each other with their projects
Statistics on alumni interactions allow you to create events and content in line with their interests and priorities
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With its 3 buttons, Nudge is super user-friendly
A highly engaged alumni network is your critical advantage
Fresh graduates Newly graduated? Connect with alumni graduates and support our students to find an internship with the Nudge app.
High alumni engagement allows you to maintain high employability for your graduates, which represents a marketing asset
Alumni offer high value-added, pro-bono services & perks
In the medium run, increased donations from alumni have a direct impact on school ranking
It creates a snowball effect where students previously supported by their alumni peers become contributors
They're talking about Nudge
University alumnus Business school alumni network.
Yvan Lesage
President of ESC Amiens alumni association
“Alumni are a lot more engaged”
Nudge immediately raised the interest of our alumni. They were yearning for a way to reconnect and create a true community where they can quickly ask each other for advice and introductions when they need. Nudge is as easy as sending a WhatsApp message, so alumni are a lot more willing to interact and be engaged.
University alumnus Business school alumni network.
Marie-Dominique Gallouin
Head of Sud Business School
“Strong adoption of the Nudge tools right from the launch”
The mobile format of Nudge is very effective in keeping in touch with our alumni and maintaining their engagement. We have also extended Nudge to all our students to show them, from the start, the importance of mutual support and involvement within the network. The Nudge team has also been very present at the beginning, which has led to a strong adoption of the tools right from the launch.
Marketing alumnus Marketing school alumni.
Thomas Beaudouin
Product Manager & Analytics at Reflaunt
“I am so grateful”
I am so grateful because all my matches took time to share their ideas, share practical resources, share links, etc. The best ones even made me reconsider entirely the way I was framing my problem.
Meet our incredible team
Great ideas come from great diversity! Nudge's team spans 3 continents — Europe, North America and Asia.
Julie Landeroin
Founder & CEO
Sajid Sharlemin
Tech Advisor
Igor Krasnik
Nasrin Jahan
Head of UX/UI Design
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