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Nudge provides an easy and handy networking workspace for students & alumni and allows schools collect data
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We are all about building engagement within college alumni networks
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Alumni network Alumni list, alumni database and alumni contact details.
Why do you need it?
To create high alumni engagement across all generations so that you  get their support when you need it
To keep your alumni contact details up-to-date and be able to contact them at any time
To increase revenue by advertising your programmes & training offers to the right alumni at the right time
Always updated data
Our pricing is flexible and based on your needs. Contact us to find out more.
Nudge leverages the pay-it-forward rule of great networkers that encourages helping before asking for help, which in return creates engagement
Increased revenues
Nudge recommends your programmes & training to alumni who need what you offer exactly at the right moment
A highly engaged alumni network is your critical advantage
High alumni engagement allows you to maintain high employability for your graduates, which represents a marketing asset
Alumni offer high value-added, pro-bono services & perks
In the medium run, increased donations from alumni have a direct impact on school ranking
It creates a snowball effect where students previously supported by their alumni peers become contributors
Fresh graduates Newly graduated? Connect with alumni graduates and support our students to find an internship with the Nudge app.
Alumni networking profile Nudge alumni photo and profile on the Nudge app.
KEY features
Keep your alumni database up-to-date
Users are incentivised to maintain their contact details and personal profiles up-to-date so that you can always reach out to them.
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Find alumni Find your dream job and provide academic support through Nudge’s professional networking.
KEY features
Create a highly-engaged alumni network
Make the application available to all your students & alumni to start building a strong network from the very beginning.
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Alumni training Change jobs and find the best job for you with the Nudge app.
KEY features
Implement targeted ads for your programmes
Your programmes and training offers are recommended to alumni who fit the profile of your target audience.
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Nudge offers a win-win-win solution to reinvent your alumni family
Students receive instant access to qualified alumni for career guidance
Students hear about internship positions and job openings through alumni
Alumni easily keep ties with each other instead of having to build a network from scratch when needed
Alumni hear about available job offers
The college re-engages all its alumni and maintain high employability figures
The college keeps the alumni database up-to-date and increases revenues thanks to targeted ads
Our pricing depends on which modules you're interested in and your number of users. Please contact us to learn more.
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Career change Leverage lifelong learning to provide your students with academic support and better the student experience with Nudge.