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Nudge provides an easy and handy networking workspace for students & alumni and allows schools collect data
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We're the engagement engine for your alumni community
To build up a living alumni network, it's not about "managing" the community, it's about "engaging" them!
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Launch a business Nudge helps students and alumni reach their professional goals by leveraging the power of networking.
Alumnus and students helping one another Create an engaged alumni website to help alumni find their professional calling on Nudge alumni platform.
Nudge creates a networking experience where nobody feels like they have to sell themselves or like they're being sold to
Nudge is a pay it forward webapp that engages college communities by connecting to existing alumni websites and profile repositories
Nudge helps schools provide the right type of training at the right time to students & alumni who are exploring their career options
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To create high alumni engagement across all generations so that you get their support when you need it
To keep your alumni contact details up-to-date and be able to contact them at any time
To increase revenue by advertising your programmes & training offers to the right alumni at the right time
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To share your career dreams with qualified peers who'll help you make the right decisions
To gather all the knowledge and information you need to move closer towards your dream job
To find support among a network of peers who have your best interest at heart
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University alumni career transition Use the Nudge community platform to meet alumni to help find a job and network.
We are qualified to help
We spent 6 months talking to college alumni communities to perfectly understand the challenges related to alumni community management and career design
Our matching algorithm has been designed by AI experts with over 10 years of experience in the field
Our founder launched a HR consulting business specialised in building high employee engagement in 2018 and has been helping dozens of clients in this area ever since
Explore different careers and lifelong learning How to support our students and encourage lifelong learning? Buy a programme or business training for alumni.
“I found it heartwarming”
I found it heartwarming and very rewarding that somebody could find my skills and experience useful. And I was passionate about the topic I was asked about so I just really enjoyed the whole experience!
“I am so grateful”
I am so grateful because all my matches took time to share their ideas, share practical resources, share links, etc. The best ones even made me reconsider entirely the way I was framing my problem.
“I have been really touched”
I have been really touched by how selfless people are in sharing their expertise. Some helped me take into account things I would not have known about and some reassured me about a decision I had already made but couldn't act upon yet.
Meet our incredible team
Great ideas come from great diversity! Nudge's team spans 3 continents — Europe, North America and Asia.
Julie Landeroin
Founder & CEO
Sajid Sharlemin
Tech Advisor
Igor Krasnik
Nasrin Jahan
Head of UX/UI Design
The Nudge app is the product of an amazing collaboration!
In June 2021, Nudge won first prize in a startup competition organised by Paralect Accelerator. As a reward, Paralect dedicated some of his most promising designers, developers & analysts to build Nudge app.
Paralect Accelerator logo Working with Nudge in creating a networking app and alumni database for students and alumni. Student networking Find a job through professional networking and Nudge and support our students.Nudge logo Nudge networking platform for students and alumni to help build your professional network and help support our students.
Julie Landeroin
Founder & CEO
Igor Krasnik
Tech Advisor
Kseniya Starodubova
Business Analyst
Eugenia Rusak
UI/UX Designer
Vadim Rynhevich
Eugenia Shibkova
Anton Shardyko
Anton Tsapliuk
Victoriya Antonovich
Head of UX/UI Design
Pavel Prata
Product Manager
Natalia Pashko
Karina Punko
Roman Usik